Fazil On Yu Seed Awards recipient

Fazil On Yu Profile
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  • Free expression/civil society


  • Dance
  • Performance
  • Theater


  • Uganda
Fazil On Yu is a Ugandan, emerging dance artist, choreographer and performance maker from the urban suburbs of Kampala, Uganda, who produces documentary films and artistic installations. Artistically, Fazil stimulates audiences through dance and movement with multidisciplinary art forms in both conventional, unconventional and digital spaces. He engages the audience with his unique world of conceptual methods of audio-visual narratives (storytelling). Fazil believes dance and other integration arts are a movement and a way of life and uses them to capacitate himself and his community with awareness, knowledge, skills, solutions and experiences and to advocate for (positive) social, political and cultural change. His work is mainly inspired by self-reflective themes that derive from social-political status-quo issues.