Desanna Watson Seed Awards recipient

5 Plantation Economy Population Dynamics 2020
3 Women and Ownership Her Stories2021 detail


  • Racial justice
  • Gender equality
  • Free expression/civil society
  • Reexamining history


  • Artistic Research
  • Visual Art


  • Jamaica

Desanna Watson is a visual artist based in Jamaica. Watson is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Leadership in Education from Liverpool John Moore University. She has exhibited at New Local Space, Kingston for 'La Practica Group Exhibition' (2021). Working with mixed media on canvas, she utilizes archival town plans, maps, screen printing techniques, and assorted fabric to create a visual language that explores social issues embedded in geographical spaces. Watson's artistic practice portrays the development and deterioration of communities at different points in history focusing on wealth impact and colonial systems in a contemporary world.

9 Phenomenon Politics and People 2019