Cacica Honta Seed Awards recipient

Cacica Honta Profile
Serie afro


  • Racial justice
  • Indigenous rights
  • Gender equality
  • Reexamining history


  • Photography
  • Dance
  • Design
  • Visual Art


  • Venezuela

Cacica Honta grew up with two mothers in Venezuela and she understood their relationship without any explanation. One day the neighbor asked them to take care of her daughter. After a while they realized that she had also left her daughter's documents. That story shaped Cacica as a sensitive, strong, and radical human being. In the restless and violent neighborhoods of Caracas, Cacica experienced different models of beliefs, ways of organizing work and community life, protest struggles, and art. She feels that life itself is what has driven her to be an artist where art is a tool to fulfill her mission, which is nothing more than to transform the world in which we live.

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