Arafa C. Hamadi Mentorship Awards recipient

Arafa 2021 5
Kujiona 2020


  • Building Beyond


  • Design
  • Visual Art


  • Tanzania
Arafa C. Hamadi is a multidisciplinary artist working in Tanzania and Kenya. They create both physical and digital work, aiming to create fully immersive spaces that explore their queerness in relation to space - focusing on joy and tangible ways of connecting their community. They have been part of the ICA Fellowship (2020, SA), the Digital Arts Residency at Nafasi Art-Space (2021, TZ), the New Dimensions Lab by Electric South (2022, SA), the Pro-Helvetica Residency (2022, CH). They recently co-curated the UMOJA Residency (2022, TZ) and was a featured stage and installation artist at the Beneath the Baobabs Festival (2023, KE).
LETU Arafa 3 2020