Anudari Tsolmon Seed Awards recipient

Anudari Tsolmon
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  • Environment/Climate emergency
  • Gender equality
  • Free expression/civil society


  • Photography
  • Artistic Research
  • Fashion
  • Performance
  • Visual Art


  • Mongolia
Anudari Tsolmon is a creative who works in the fields of fashion, performance, photography, visual arts and more. She is based in Mongolia and has obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design at the China Academy of Art and has studied Contemporary Art, Theory & Practice at Vanjil Art Institute. She has won first place in both the Best Creation Award for Canson Cup Fashion Painting (2014,2015) as well as the Honorary Exploration Award by China Academy of Art Social Practice (2017) and in 2018 was selected to participate in China Graduation Fashion Week. Her work is environmentally conscious and centers around themes such as climate emergency, gender equality and free expression. She is interested in such themes as fear, violence, safe places (or lack thereof) and young people mental health.
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