Announcing Our Next Generation Grantees

Berlin Fashion Grantees 2

Photo: Next Generation Grantee Trashy Clothing, Jordan

The Next Generation is here! Congratulations to our first-ever Next Generation grantees.

The Next Generation is a programme created specifically for and with young people (ages 15-30).

Through this programme we sought applications for one-year projects for and by young people to build more inclusive, open-minded societies and provide safe spaces for young people to create their own narratives which can help people see their world in new and different ways.

The selected proposals for the 2018 Next Generation call are: 

  • Establishing the Underground, Horizon Cultural Development, Morocco
  • Streets Without Cities, Impossible Theatre, Iraq
  • BAK, Anadolu Kultur, Turkey
  • The Skulls, OYO, Namibia
  • Spark, Eza Possibles, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Unseen, Unheard, WAYout Worldwide Arts for Youth , Sierra Leone
  • Communal Re-Imagination, Vernacular Art-space Laboratory Foundation, Nigeria
  • Breaking ANDROGNOUS, Kkoolo Projects, Uganda
  • In the Land of Shattered Windows: ​Young Voices from a Broken Yemen, Diwan al Fan, Yemen
  • Alternative Vision, Basement Cultural Foundation, Yemen
  • SunBox Ambassador Network, Sunshine Cinema, South Africa
  • Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, Trashy Clothing, Jordan
  • Breaking Boundaries – creative discovery adventure, Circus Zambia, Zambia
  • Lmzun Project, Abidin Kaid Saleh Audiovisual School, Algeria
  • Podcast25, Egypt
  • Brother 2 Brother, Dr Zindaba Chisiza, Malawi
  • Inauguration of the first circus big top in Senegal, SenCirk, Senegal
  • Africa Cup of Slam Poetry, Africa Cup of Slam Poetry S/C Association Tchad plus, Chad
  • Parole de Femme, Collectif d'Art-d'Art, Democratic Republic of the Congo

About Next Generation 2018 

Through this call for proposals, the Prince Claus Fund supports one-year initiatives for and by young people that inspire them to contribute to their societies in ways that make them more inclusive and accepting of differences. The programme is designed to create safe spaces for young women and men where they can explore the possibilities of different stories or alternative narratives that allow them to imagine different ways of being. This call focused on enabling young people (ages 15-30)* from eligible countries in Africa and the Middle East to explore, define and represent their identities through arts and culture.