04 Culto às Punannys Cassia Sabino de Souza Brazil

Congratulations to our 2019 Next Generation grantees! 

The Next Generation is a programme created specifically for and with young people (ages 15-30). Through this programme we sought applications for one-year projects for and by young people to build more inclusive, open-minded societies and provide safe spaces for young people to create their own narratives which can help people see their world in new and different ways. The 2019 call was open to applications from Latin America and the Caribbean. The selected proposals for the 2019 Next Generation call are: 

First Issue of Dextrose Magazine, Dextrose Magazine, Argentina

Art, Culture and Feminism: Creative Proposals to Disarm Machista Imaginaries, LatFem, Argentina

Lab Nuvem Negra de Narrativas Negras, Coletivo Nuvem Negras, Brazil

Culto às Punannys, Cassia Sabino de Souza, Brazil

Museu dos Meninos, Mauricio Da Silva De Lima, Brazil

Negro tá na moda, Cleissa De Oliveira Martins, Brazil

FavelaNews: The Art of the Self, FavelaNews, Brazil

INFRA Bank of Tools and Experiences, Sound Art Sonandes, Bolivia

Abrir Monte, María Rojas Arias, Colombia

Laboratorio Editorial Mutante, Librería Mutante, Colombia

Protesis 20-20 Diverse body - Broken body, Memoria de las Artes Escénicas, Costa Rica

Sin 349, Abel Gonzalez Fernandez, Cuba

Laboratorix, La Única Galería, El Salvador

Globalgirl Media Digital Media Training Academy, Glasswing International, Guatemala

Weekly Projects - Intersextion: Mentorship, Weekly Projects, Jamaica

PREE. Caribbean. Writing., Pree, Jamaica

Selección Artificial, Biquini Wax EPS, Mexico

Lenguajes de la indigestión: Laboratory of counter-pedagogies and visual resistances, CIPEI. Permanent Circle of Independent Studies, Mexico

La Postal, Terremoto Magazine, Mexico

Micro-abyecciones, Compañía CroMagnon, Mexico

Program #CuerpoPolítico, Vena Rota, Paraguay 

CyborgFeminista – Expo pop-up tech, primera edición, TEDIC, Paraguay

DESDE ADENTRO - audiovisual stories from female subjectivities in places of detention, Asociación Cultural Mercado Central, Peru

Photo: Culto às Punannys, Cassia Sabino de Souza, Brazil

Next Gen 2019 map for website

Map depicting the geographic locations of the selected projects