Prince Claus Fund welcomes three new Network Partners

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Image by Mariano Silva, courtesy of Kinani.

We're excited to announce the addition of three new network partners to our Network Partner Committee: Arte Mujeres Ecuador (Ecuador), Kinani (Mozambique) and PrivatePrint (Macedonia)!

Network Partnership Grants are selected based on an annual Call for Proposals and active scouting by the Fund in order to identify relevant cultural initiatives doing ground-breaking work in the field of culture and development. The purpose of the Network Partnership Grant is to enable pioneering work and to secure longevity of excellent institutions in the working remit of the Fund. Network Partners receive support for a new initiative for 3 years and take part in 1-2 meetings a year with other partner organisations to exchange experiences and discuss issues that they find relevant. After three years of financial support, a Network Partner organisation remains part of this international, multi-disciplinary committee as an adviser, attending meetings and contributing to the ongoing cultural exchange. 

Arte Mujeres Ecuador AME, is a non-profit art and feminism organization founded in 2012 in Quito, by the La Emancipada collective made up of the artists Tania Lombeida Miño, Pamela Pazmiño Vernaza and Ibeth Lara Pazmiño. It works against the marginalization of women in discourses, academia and art systems, both locally and outside borders where they are also invisible. Given to the abscence of exhibition spaces for women, the Ecuador Women Art Meeting is created, a biennial international exhibition platform that promotes the vindication of the work of Ecuadorian and Latin American artists through cultural exchange, intergenerational dialogue, and curatorial themes addressed from feminist intersectionality. Likewise, it also contributes to the communities with parallel training activities, laboratories, seminars, residency and other spaces linked to theoretical reflection and artistic production. With a sustained interest in the recovery, investigation and dissemination of female visual production and feminist struggles, the Archive of Ecuadorian Women Artists (Archivas & Documentas) emerged in 2016, as a transdisciplinary and collaborative platform in constant renewal for the rescue and enhancement of the artists in the hegemonic stories of art history. The Archive creates tools that question the under-representation of women in museums, collections, salons, exhibitions, publications, public archives, among other memory repositories.

KINANI is a platform that aims to promote contemporary dance and the professionalization of young choreographers through the implementation of training programs. Kinani is an international biennial founded in 2005 in Maputo - Mozambique. With more than 15 years of existence and 8 editions of the biannual, the Festival has found a place among the great events of contemporary dance on the african continent.

In recent years, Kinani has been in the heart of the city of Maputo and has developed innovative actions to mobilize an increasingly broad audience. Kinani is proof that it is possible to bring research, experimentation and exchange projects between the continents to the center of the stage in Maputo.The platform involves contemporary dance enthusiasts and professionals, thus establishing a meeting between art, its creators and lovers.  

PrivatePrint is an art book publishing house and a studio for interdisciplinary research and practices in contemporary art and graphic design from Skopje, North Macedonia. PrivatePrint’s practice is dedicated to editing, creating and supporting artists’ books, art and curatorial research projects, artists’ writings and related publications. Based on the premise that art and publishing are the perfect match for the democratization of culture, especially in societies where the cultural system is lacking in structure and institutional support, PrivatePrint’s central mission is to disseminate art ideas and to make them easily available, as well as to provide space and platform for better visibility and interaction of emerging artists and artistic practices.