Amina Kadous

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Amina Kadous a visual artist and 2020 ADPP Awardee based in Cairo, Egypt. She received her Bachelor in Fine Arts from Tufts University and School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Her work tackles concepts of memory and identity. She believes in the ephemerality of experience and that a photograph is an object that holds memories and meanings, keepsakes that give life. Photography as an art has been a medium allowing her to treasure, hold and bless the past she has not lived but only through the stories and eyes of those who have narrated it. 

Amina's work is a linkage between the past and present through the layers of time as they fold and unfold. The exploration of time serves, for her, as a means for understanding who she is as a person. Characterizing herself as an explorer of ideas, she is driven by the spirit of inquiry as she seeks to comprehend the meanings and hidden ambiguities of lives, not her own, through the interactive nature of viewer, photographer, object, and environment.