ADPP Alumni Fellowship Program Details

Learn more about the Arab Documentary Photography Program (ADPP) Alumni Fellowship by the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, the Prince Claus Fund, and the Magnum Foundation.


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The Arab Documentary Photography Program Alumni Fellowship is open to ONLY previous ADPP grantees and may be used to develop a photographer's individual project - a new work in progress or to complete work on an existing project - or contribute to strengthening the culture of documentary photography through creative activation of existing works, the production of events, or collaborations among colleagues. We also encourage projects involving collaborations with other media or proposing new and innovative outputs. The project can be implemented in any country. However, it must be related to the Arab socio-cultural realities.

The Arab Documentary Photography Program Alumni Fellowship provides up to 6 photographers with a grant of up to $15.000 to work on their projects over a period of 12 months. Specific grant amounts will be determined according to the nature of the proposed projects. Fellows will meet regularly as a group throughout the course of the program and will be active members of a creative community that nurtures interdisciplinary exploration and collaboration. Additionally, fellows will meet online with mentors and their peers in the form of meetings and masterclasses, and they will also have ongoing guidance from mentors and the opportunity to consult with experts - photographers, artists, academics, and practitioners of other artistic disciplines - depending on their assessed needs. Fellows will present their work to the current group of ADPP grantees and will share their final projects at a virtual event for the program partners’ networks, including ADPP alumni.

The Arab Documentary Photography Program Alumni Fellowship invites applicants to submit projects including but not limited to; publication, exhibition, convenings and panels, residencies, workshops, and training. Any projects and ideas that fall outside of the scope of formats mentioned above will also be welcome for consideration.

Program Details

The ADPP Alumni Fellowship grant can cover expenses related to the research phase, the production, and/or the dissemination of the final output. Applicants must be comfortable using English for communication and in-person discussions. The meetings, masterclasses, and communication will be conducted in English. However, translation will be provided during the meetings and masterclasses.

The program will not provide support retroactively, i.e. to projects already completed. For projects that have already started, the program will cover the expenses that will arise only after the signature of the contract if the project is selected.

The project’s time frame should not exceed 12 months. A maximum of 10 months will be used for mentorship and/or consultancy, and 2 additional months will be dedicated to the final implementation and production phase.

Fellows will meet with mentors and experts online through scheduled meetings and masterclasses.

The Alumni Fellowship program will have an opportunity for a meeting in person to be decided on during the program.

Fellows retain copyright over their work, but grant the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, the Prince Claus Fund, and the Magnum Foundation a non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, and worldwide license to the images created under the grant to be used in order to help attain the objectives of the partners as part of their communication, PR and fundraising efforts. The partners are allowed to make derivative works from copyright materials in any and all forms. The termination of the Alumni Fellowship program will not affect or end the license granted.