Please find the vacancies concerning the Prince Claus Fund here.

The Prince Claus Fund invites students to apply for an internship at the Fund. The whole year there is a need for trainees to various activities.

The Prince Claus Fund is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applicants from all backgrounds.

Vacancy Internship Research

The Prince Claus Fund Research, Monitoring & Evaluation Team is looking for students who would like to start a traineeship at the Prince Claus Fund, anytime from February 2018 onwards, for a minimum of 3 months and preferably longer. Working part time is possible. 

The Research, Monitoring & Evaluation Team works for and with all programmes of the Fund. Together with trainees we come to an agreement on which programmes it would be most interesting to focus on during the traineeship, also in regard to studies and experience. We are looking for preferably academic students with an interest in the international cultural field and or cultural heritage. You should be proficient in both spoken and written English. We currently have a preference for students with an interest in cultural heritage for our Cultural Emergency Programme.

If you are interested in a traineeship at the Prince Claus Fund Research Team, you are invited to send a letter of motivation (in English) and your CV to mentioning ‘Research Team’ in the subject. Should you have any written English texts, we would like you to include an example.


For the Cultural Emergency Response Programme Research team members and trainees do research to identify Cultural Emergency projects, we currently have a specific focus on documentary heritage. Active research is done in areas where disasters have occurred or in areas of (lingering / post) conflict. Trainees, in collaboration with the Programme Coordinator CER, will communicate with external parties about possible proposals and when applications come in they will be processed and researched by the trainee by looking into the projects context and approaching expert advisors.

With the help of fellow research team members, trainees also research the international cultural project proposals which the Prince Claus Fund receives, in response to the calls for proposals for the Grants and Collaborations Programme. The proposals will be assessed in relation to the criteria of the Prince Claus Fund, supplemented where information is lacking and expert advice will be sought to assess and substantiate whether a project deserves support. The results of this study are compiled in a summary, and on this basis a decision is made to either support or reject a project.

Organizations or individuals that have been nominated for a Prince Claus Award will be researched as well. All information that can be found on the nominations is mapped, summarized and relevant information is included in a comprehensive presentation document that will be presented to the Prince Claus Awards Committee.

Furthermore, the trainee may occasionally be asked to execute certain tasks in relation to Evaluation or the Outreach programme and actvities organised by the Prince Claus Fund.



The Fund does not sponsor visa applications. 

We cannot hire persons who do not have a sofi-number or BSN number.

For students who become interns at the Fund the salary is € 250 (gross) per month for 36 hours, for less than 5 days a week it will be calculated pro rato. Travel expenses are not reimbursed.  

Vacancy Internship Research