Rosina Cazali

Rosina Cazali

~ Guatemala

Rosina Cazali (1960, Guatemala), independent curator and writer, visual arts

Rosina Cazali’s writings and curatorial work are defining Guatemala’s contemporary art history. Her astute essays, her eye for challenging artists, and her efforts to share exceptional talent with wider audiences ensure the Central American art scene a place on the map of modern culture.


Report from the 2014 Prince Claus Awards Committee

April 2014

Rosina Cazali (1960, Guatemala) is an independent curator, writer and activator of contemporary visual arts across Central America. A socially engaged thinker, her work positions art as a catalyst for reflection and dialogue in societies fragmented by political violence and struggling for justice and human rights.


Focusing on groundbreaking artists who confront crucial, often controversial issues and aspects of local realities, Cazali creates challenging, well-researched exhibitions. Among the seminal actions of her more than 25 years of experience is her dynamic involvement in Grupo Imaginaria and Octubre Azul, a festival asserting freedom of expression through street performance and highlighting art’s role in forming citizenship in the frame of postwar society.


Cazali gives artists unstinting support, mentoring and motivating young artists and curators, using her skills to launch their work regionally and internationally. Author of numerous perceptive essays, she analyses art’s content in a way that makes it universally relevant. Her skilful writing articulates art in relation to issues of socio-economics, politics, gender, race relations, decolonial thought and urbanisation, integrating the visual arts in wider social, historical and philosophical discourses.


Combining rigorous curatorial work with incisive writing, Cazali is creating the raw materials of Guatemala’s contemporary art history. Despite difficult conditions, her extensive network disseminates knowledge and stimulates dialogue and exchanges among the diverse regional art scenes, as well as achieving an international reputation and reach.


Rosina Cazali is honoured for combining intellectual rigour and practical action with passionate support and generous advocacy of cutting-edge art and artists in difficult circumstances; for her fine writing, incisive analysis of artworks and skilled integration of the visual arts within the wider social context; for inspiring and activating the visual arts scene and establishing dynamic networks across Central America; and for bringing greater visibility and understanding to art and debates in Central America, transforming the map of recognised centres of contemporary artistic production.