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When asked what the Fund's motto 'Culture is a Basic Need' means to them, we received the following responses from various project partners:

"Culture is intricately linked to social and political questions; like food, shelter, health and education, we have an absolutely essential need to make our individual cultural expressions seen and heard; culture thus is a question of our survival. Hence, it is our right to be able to make our own cultural expressions, without having to succumb to the powers of cultural hegemonies." – Bhowmik, Bangladesh and India

"It means that Culture makes people look at each other like humans and not like numbers, not like consumers, not like machine components."  – Shahnoza Karimbabaeva, Uzbekistan

"Culture is the only factor that is universal to all societies and it connects us as a universal language. It’s the secret element that connects us to great collective unconscious. I also believe that it is as essential to us as the other well-established basic physical needs."                – Shehzad Chowdhury, Bangladesh

"To me, culture is human. A strong, free, real human will create a strong, free, real culture."    – Nguyen Phuong Linh, Vietnam

"The human need to express is the root of creativity." – Karen Ocampo Flores, Philippines

"Culture is a basic need because as a shared experience a group of people, nation or civilization, it mirrors the memory, spirit, struggles and the aspirations of humanity."       – Liza Maza, the Philippines

"No society can function without culture. Hence, culture is a basic need, and practicing it should be a basic right."  – Yuki Poudyal, Nepal


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Uchechukwu James Iroha

Uchechukwu James Iroha

Uchechukwu James Iroha is amongst the leaders of a new generation of Nigerian photographers. He received his Award for his striking work, for his stimulation of photography as a contemporary art form in Nigeria and for his support of young artists. James Iroha Uchechukwu is the leading light of a new generation of Nigerian photographers. By fusing the documentation of everyday reality with the...

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Indira  Goswami

Indira Goswami

The Prince Claus Awards Committee regards Indira Goswami as an outstanding writer, who reveals how ordinary people experience reality. Her powerful and lively descriptions and memorable images show how the body is central to human affairs, how political, religious and cultural systems affect the body and how the body determines life processes, gender, age, poverty and conflict. Indira Goswami is...

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Kanak  Mani Dixit

Kanak Mani Dixit

Writer and activist, Kanak Mani Dixit is a catalyst for cultural development that transcends national boundaries in South Asia. He is the founding editor (1987 to the present) of Himal Southasian, a high quality, independent, monthly journal that offers informed critical commentary on social and cultural issues. He also founded the Film South Asia (FSA), a documentary festival. This first Prince Claus...

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Visual Art Centre Doual'art

Visual Art Centre Doual'art

Doual'art is an independent, non-profit organisation that has revolutionised the art scene in Cameroon. Under the leadership of Marilyn Douala Bell and Didier Schaub (1952-2014), Espace Doual'art presents high quality exhibitions, artists' talks, debates and conferences. Its workshops and residency programmes attract artists from across the region and abroad. Doual'art provides opportunity to research,...

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Instituto de Historia  de Nicaragua y Centroamérica

Instituto de Historia de Nicaragua y Centroamérica

The Institute for the History of Nicaragua and Central America (IHNCA) is renowned for its rigorous research and activities dedicated to providing communities with access to their own patrimony. Led by dedicated Director Margarita Vannini, a team of professional staff carry out field research, make oral recordings, and rescue and conserve fragile documents. Its resources include more than 50,000...

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