Félix Madrazo  Architect

Félix Madrazo Architect

Felix Madrazo is an architect with SuperSudaca SuperSudaca, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Architecture SuperSudaca, a name taken from the combination of meanings of “over the top” and the usually pejorative term of “sudaca” used to identify South American immigrants in Spain, was casually founded in 2001 by a group of young Latin American architects that met and studied at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. Having been brought up on architectural examples of Europe and the USA they suddenly realized that they were pretty much ignorant of what was happening in their neighboring countries and could learn much more from each other. Since then they have been working towards creating a Pan-American platform for exchanging ideas and generating knowledge. SuperSudaca is about embracing a common ground while defying prejudice in the process. As such, it involves a healthy dose of humor and an optimistic yet critical attitude which translates itself into innovative actions. The various projects, workshops, publications and research that have been produced by SuperSudaca deal with concrete social, cultural and economic developments, such as migration, tourism, housing, centralization and globalization that have an impact on architecture and urban planning in the various contexts of the Caribbean and Latin America. The eleven founding members of SuperSudaca network are based in eight different countries. Period SuperSudaca, Network Partner from 1 January 2006 to 31 December 2008. They receive an amount of 180,000 Euros for this period of three years. Website www.supersudaca.org Tags: Network partner, Netwerkpartner, Rotterdam, Latin America, Latijns Amerika, Caribbean, Caraibisch Gebied, architecture, architectuur, urban planning, platform