In this online library you can find more indepth information from the field of culture and development. There is information on publications that were supported by the Fund and publications that were published by the Fund itself and in collaboration with the Prince Claus Fund - the Prince Claus Fund Library series. In addition speeches and articles can be found here.

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Here you can find all the books that are published within the Prince Claus Fund Library series (tag: library imprint) or supported through the Fund’s applications programme. In addition, each year the Prince Claus Fund publishes an Award Book to present the Prince Claus Awards.


Here you can find a variety of publications on culture and development the Prince Claus Fund has released throughout the years: the Prince Claus Fund Journal, the Prince Claus Award Books and the Prince Claus Fund Reader. Furthermore, the Fund has supported books and cultural magazines that are considered to have a positive influence on the global debate on culture and development.


Here you can find information about activities, organisations and individuals supported by the Prince Claus Fund with extra information on the often complicated context in which activities are realised or partners of the Fund work in.


Here you can find speeches held on the occasion of events organised by the Prince Claus Fund, such as the Awards Ceremony, the Fund’s anniversaries and gallery openings.

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Prince Claus Fund Journal #6

1.7.2001 Prince Claus Fund Journal #6

The Prince Claus Fund Journal reflects the aims of the Prince Claus Fund and reports on the outcome of activities initiated, supported and stimulated by the Fund. The Fund seeks to publicise the intellectual and artistic results of its activities and to disseminate these throughout the world. The Fund – and likewise the Journal – acts as an interested listener, a partner in discussion and...

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Authentic/Ex-centric: Conceptualism in Contemporary African Art

1.7.2001 Authentic/Ex-centric: Conceptualism in Contemporary African Art

Authentic/Ex-Centric: Conceptualism in Contemporary African Art (2001) posits Africa as the source of many of the ideas associated with European Modernism. From Cubism’s radical abstraction to 1970s performance art and its use of ritual, shamanism and magic, the influence of African art has long been under-appreciated. 

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Outlet: Yogyakarta within the Contemporary Indonesian Art Scene

1.7.2001 Outlet: Yogyakarta within the Contemporary Indonesian Art Scene

The emergence of contemporary art in Indonesia was influenced in reaction to the depoliticisation of art in the mid-1960s and early 1970s. In Yogyakarta, there was a noticeable shift away from realism, with its political connotations, towards art that questioned national identity and idealism and raised sociopolitical issues.

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The Short Century: Independence and Liberation Movements in Africa 1945–1994

1.7.2001 The Short Century: Independence and Liberation Movements in Africa...

For much of Africa, the 20th century was overshadowed by the experience of colonial rule, with political independence arriving for most peoples only in the last fifty years. The Short Century Independence and Liberation Movements in Africa 1945-1994 is a broad survey of cultural life in Africa from the independence movements through the post-colonial era to the end of apartheid in 1994. 

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Facing Up to the Past: Perspectives on the Commemoration of Slavery from Africa, the Americas and Europe

1.7.2001 Facing Up to the Past: Perspectives on the Commemoration of Slavery...

The ‘memories’ and legacies of slavery may haunt the descendants of the once-enslaved Africans in the Americas and in the European diaspora. Yet it was not until the last years of the millennium that the former European slave-trading nations began to publicly acknowledge this gruesome past as part and parcel of their national history.

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